About Kluwer Trademark Blog

Who are We?

Our managing editors are Verena von Bomhard (Bomhard IP) and Julius Stobbs (Stobbs IP).

What Is Our Focus?

These times are particularly exciting times to be involved with trademark law. There are so many developments happening that it is often difficult to keep up. Especially now that decisions from one national court of a member state can affect decisions of another member state, it is sometimes difficult to wade through all that information that is produced every day and to see the wood for the trees.

This blog hopes to contribute to clearing the path and to provide a quick and handy tool for practitioners in and outside the EU to keep up with the most relevant developments at EU and national level as well as, going forward, globally. The contributors to this blog belong to the best trademark lawyers there are in the EU and are eager to share their knowledge and insights with you, the reader.

What is Your Role?

We happily invite you to become a regular at this blog and hope you will enjoy and learn from this blog as much as we expect we are going to. And if you ever fell you would like to contribute, just get in touch with us and write a guest blog!

How Do You Contact Us?

Our goal is to be responsive as possible to our readers. If you have a substantive question, contact our managing editors Verena von Bomhard and Julius Stobbs .

If you have a technical question please contact us here

For general questions, contact Anja Kramer