Faster Examination of Trademark Applications in Kosovo

Kluwer Trademark Blog
September 2, 2016

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The Administrative Instruction (AI) No. 08/2016, effective as of July 4, 2016 in Kosovo, relates to the accelerated examination of trademark applications, which is available if there has been an alleged infringement of trademark rights. When requesting such examination, the applicant must indicate the trademark filing details and submit:

• Copy of the trademark application as filed;
• Arguments proving the alleged trademark infringement; and
• Proof of payment of the official fee per trademark in the amount of EUR 120.

Previously, the applicant also had to submit the proof that a civil or a customs action had been initiated.

The accelerated examination request may be submitted at any time after the filing date of the application, as no time frame is specified. The IP Agency will decide on the request within 15 days from the filing date of the request.