Christmas is upon us! We have no idea where 2016 has gone, but to distract you from the turkey eating season the Kluwer Trademark team thought you could do with a Christmas quiz. Some of it requires knowledge, but not all so don’t worry! And you will be relieved to hear that there is no mention of Brexit or Donald Trump.


Try and complete the quiz without looking anything up. All correct entries will go into the draw for the prize (Concise European Trade Mark and Design Law, 2nd edition, Gielen and von Bomhard (ed) 2017) which will take place on Monday 16 January 2017. We will publish the name of anyone who gets all of the quiz right, along with the correct answers shortly thereafter.

Welcome to your Kluwer Trademark Blog Xmas Quiz 2016

1) An EUIPO notification of a negative first instance decision is received by e-comm on 25 November. When does the appeal period expire?
2) An EUIPO notification of a negative appeal decision is received by e-comm on 25 November. When does the action have to be submitted to the General Court?
3) Most EUTM applications in 2016 (up until November) have been filed by (in that order):
4) The total number of EUTM applications reached 1,000,000 in:
5) The number of EUIPO Boards of Appeal is:
6) The number of judges specialized in EU trademark law at the General Court of the European Union is:
7) The number of Members of the Boards of Appeal including President and Chairmen is:
8) The EUIPO has received the following (approximate) number of declarations under Article 28(8) EUTMR:
9) As per November 2016, the refusal rate for Article 28(8) declarations was:
10) The EUTM no. 1 is:
11) How many EUTM applications filed on 1 April 1996 are still pending?
12) The title of which of the following popular Christmas movies is not registered as an EUTM?
13) What year was the first edition of the Nice Classification published?
14) How many live UK trade marks contain the string FATHER CHRISTMAS?
15) How many owners of UK trade marks have the term “Santa” in their name?
16) How many times does the word ‘Christmas’ appear in the Nice alphabetical list for class 28?
17) How many EUTM applications have the filing date 25th Dec 2015?


Good luck!


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